Pirate Ship
Digger Machine


Digger Machine

Dig into the deepest parts of the ground and collect rare minerals and crystals! Get better resources for deeper research by upgrading your digging machine.

Remember to be careful and to refuel your machine if you want to reach the greatest depth.

The deeper you get the better rewards and scores you will get!

android digger machine ios digger machine

Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship – Endless Sailing is a game that gives you an opportunity to become the captain of your own Pirate Ship, and sail the seven seas pillaging everything and anyone in sight.
You start as a humble rookie pirate captain.

Your first vessel is just a raft, but as you climb up on the ladder of devious deeds and stolen treasures, you gain opportunities to buy bigger and better equipped ships.

android digger machine ios digger machine


Blacksmith Forge – catching blocks!
Pirate Ship – new game mechanics
Digger Machine – clearing all blocks!
First screens of Digger Machine 2
Working hard on improving two of our games
Digital Dragons 2016 came to an end